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Space & Telescope is the leading source of latest space news, upcoming skywatching events and astronomy-related content. We love breaking down complex space science related topics in simple words.

We cover all the topics related to space exploration, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and skywatching tips. Every day you’ll find something interesting here – from the breaking space news to the hard astronomy news, from the night sky guide to the astronomical events, from the normal rocket launches to the robotic missions in space.

Meet Our Team

ASHIM CHANDRA SARKAR - Founder of Space & Telescope


Founder of Space & Telescope

Ashim Chandra Sarkar founded Space & Telescope in 2022. He holds a M.Sc. in physics and has five years of research experience in optical astronomy. His passion for astronomy inspired him to open this website. He is responsible for the editorial vision of spaceandtelescope.com.

Editorial Independence

Space & Telescope is an independent space and astronomy news publication. Our aim is to provide unbiased editorial created by our journalists and staff writers. No third party determines what type of articles we will publish, the companies we will link up with or skywatching and space-technology related products we will review.

Affiliate Disclosure

We generate revenue in a few different ways as we need to pay our teams and website costs. We publish several sponsored posts and advertorial content (paid content or paid advertisement) each month, which are always labelled at the top, so you will always know which content is editorial and which is not. We also sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sales of the products or services we linked to. We feature only those items which genuinely have value to our users and love to share and this is an arrangement between the retailer and Space & Telescope (readers never pay extra for products).

We always give importance to quality over quantity. Thank you for reading.