Look beautiful photos of January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ around the world

The January 2024 Full Moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, rose on the evening of Thursday, January 25, 2024, shone through the night, and set on the morning of Friday, January 26, 2024. It was the first full moon of 2024.

January's full 'Wolf Moon'
Artist’s illustration of January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’. (Image credit: Peakpx)

The full moon of January is called the Wolf Moon because wolf howls are often heard outside the villages amid the cold and deep snows of January’s winter according to NASA.

The full moon is the most striking phase of the moon, as during the full moon, the entire dayside of the moon is visible.

A full moon rises around sunset and sets around sunrise, i.e., at the opposite time of the sun, because, during a full moon, the moon is located on the opposite side of the sun with respect to the earth.

If you missed watching January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’, then the next full moon, February’s full ‘Snow Moon’ will rise on the evening of February 24, 2024. Don’t forget to watch it.

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Beautiful photos of January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ around the world

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Colombo, Sri Lanka:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Gog Magog Hill, England:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Derry, UK:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Eye martello tower, Ireland:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Ely, Cambridgeshire, England:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Las Campanas Observatory, Chile:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from New York City, United States:

January’s full ‘Wolf Moon’ from Whitby Abbey, England:

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